Discover Wild Swimming in Gran Canaria

The Sea Caves of Playa de las Amadores

Nestled between Puerto Rico and Puerto Mogán on the south-west coast of Gran Canaria lays the glorious beach of Playa de las Amadores, or lovers' beach.

This Blue Flag swimming location has all the amenities you could wish for including excellent beach side restaurants.

To reach the caves walk to the far end of the car park away from Puerto Rico, and on to the rocks.

Swimming through the caves is a wonderful experience but do bear in mind that tides change with the time of day and with the lunar cycle. High tides and big waves can push all the air out of the cave. Sea swell can lift you up to the roof so take care and mind your head. Low tide can present hazards, as when swimming you could easily collide with rocks on the cave floor.

Diving and jumping can be safe depending on the state of the sea, tide height, and the amount of people in the water. This having been said these caves are very accessible, beautiful and exciting... enjoy! 

Playa de Mogán

This is a wonderful location, combining a handsome port nicknamed 'Little Venice', with a small and attractive beach resort. You can swim from the beach to the hotel opposite, where you can dive from the steps or swim to the neighboring resort of Taurito beneath the cliffs. Sea races are held between these resorts and no one will find it at all strange when you set off swimming.

Along the way you will discover caves to explore, both large and small, with one of particular interest. Swim along until you find a do-nut shaped rock about six feet underwater. If you come to the caves first you will have missed it, so head back and try again. We had great fun diving down and swimming back up through the rock circle, that is, until a Spanish swimmer pointed out that if you climb out onto the rocks and walk to the cliff there is a circular plunge pool with two underwater exits. The easier of the two heads away from the beach through a long underwater tunnel. Once you plunge into the pool there is no way out other than by swimming underwater through the cave. Please note that these activities are for experienced swimmers only. The view from the dark tunnel out to the bright blue sea is addictive and you will want to do it over and over again! Swimming activities here vary with the tide; jumping from the bridge (which joins the port to the beach); diving from a detached part of the sea wall; snorkeling (I saw a ray), and even a ship wreck. For the less adventurous members of the family, a trip on the yellow submarine will provide a voyage to be remembered. Enjoy!