Yearsley Open Air Wild Swimming Baths York

Wild Swimming at Yearsley Open Air Swimming Baths York

Fred Rowntree designed and constructed these swimming baths in 1908 at a cost approaching £3,000. The original design held 226,890 gallons of water and measured 144 feet long by 51 feet wide. The shallow end was 3 feet deep and the deep end was 6 feet 9 inches. It was presented to the city of York on 4th May 1909.

Originally open-air, its roof was added in 1964/5. A major refurbishment was carried out in 2007.

The health benefits swimmers enjoy are amplified even further when swimmers venture outdoors.

Health Benefits From Swimming

Discover the changing history of British Swimming and find out where people who lived near you would go swimming – Our Wild Swimming Past…

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