Wild Swimming saves lives in Bangladesh

The BBC reported yesterday on a life saving project in Bangladesh, inspired and funded by the London 2012 Olympics organisation.

“Children in Bangladesh are being taught to swim as… Bangladesh suffers frequent flooding, yet many of its children cannot swim. An average of 18,000 children drown each year, making it the biggest cause of death for those aged between four and 10-years-old, according to UNICEF which is supporting the scheme.”

“We cannot just build swimming pools here. We are a developing country so we modify our ponds,” said Dr Kamran from the Centre for Injury Prevention Research, another NGO collaborating in the project. Local coaches are training children in life-saving skills as well as swimming. “The children have criteria to meet. They have to swim 25m, tread water for 30 seconds and be able to save themselves and someone else from the water.” he explained. More…

Learning to swim and save life in open water has great life saving potential. In the UK we find that children taught to swim in artificial surroundings quickly gain water confidence, yet that confidence does not automatically transfer to real life situations. No swimming education is complete without essential experience and understanding of swimming in the great outdoors. See RSPCA’s advice on open water swimming.

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