Wild Swimming – Picture of the Week: Garachico, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Wild Swimming Garacghico Tenerife

The Canary Islands were formed as gigantic volcanoes pushed their way up from deep within the seabed to create a subtropical paradise off the coast of Africa.

In 1706, the last volcanic eruption saw the Trevejo Volcano eject lava that streamed downhill engulfing the bustling seaport of Garachico. At the time, Garachico was the commercial capitol of Tenerife, so the destruction came as a terrible blow to both the people who lived there and indeed to the whole island.

When the lava hit the ocean however it formed large volcanic swimming pools that are very popular with bathers to this day. Well maintained with steps ladders and diving places, it comes alive with bathers on a sunny day. Adults, children and teenagers jump into the waters, enjoying a real sense of community and having great fun together.

Although Garachico boasts a very attractive seaside lido nearby, all the fun activities are centered on the volcanic pools. It is a pleasure to see such an attractive and cohesive bathing community. No lifeguards, no larger louts, no trouble, just good clean fun. Could we learn from their example?

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