Wild Swimming Lake Closure

Beckenham Park Place’s wild swimming lake too popular!

Mail Online reports: A wild swimming venue has closed four days after a £6.8million relaunch because ‘snowflake’ parents complained the 219-year-old lake is not safe for their children.

  1. Beckenham Place Park was swamped with visitors after a £6.8million relaunch

  2. Ambulance had to be called on Monday after a child was rescued from the water

  3. Lewisham Council said the number of visitors at the lake exceeded forecasts

  4. Parents have complained claiming the venue did not have enough lifeguards

They are erecting temporary fencing around the lake, introducing tickets for anyone visiting the lake area and making sure lifeguards are on duty whenever the water is open to swimmers.

It follows a slew of complaints from parents who said the venue didn’t have enough lifeguards, wasn’t properly signposted and got too deep too quickly.

Even though the definition of wild swimming is that it isn’t subject to the usual safety precautions.

One father-of-two said: ‘If you go to a local leisure centre, children aren’t allowed in the water unsupervised.

‘You hear stories in the summer about children and even young men who have drowned.

‘Who’s going to take responsibility when there’s another little coffin led out of there?’

Comment: In this era of learned helplessness, it’s easy to forget that we are an Island nation. Should we fence off the sea to protect hapless bathers? Or should we take responsibility for our actions and watch over our offspring?

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