Wild Swimming in Switzerland

Zurich Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming in Switzerland is just as popular as it used to be here in the UK just a hundred years ago. What a contrast now exists between our British attitudes towards river and lake swimming and attitudes in the rest of Europe. An article in yesterdays Guardian starts with a sign at the entrance to Zürich’s largest cemetery; ‘detailing all the things that are not allowed – No Jogging, No Cycling, No Dogs, No Littering, No Beachwear … Sorry, no beachwear?’ Yes the Swiss take the plunge on a regular, often daily basis. Read the article and you will discover that wild swimming is not all that wild after all: click here. For full details of where to swim: click here. For a swimming weather app: click here.To read the history of Wild Swimming in the UK read Hung Out to Dry, Chris Ayriss. Watch the video.

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