Wild Swimming in Leicester

Spring is on the way and we are all looking forward to warm sunny days and refreshing swims in the countryside. Despite the swimming restrictions imposed at all the most popular swimming spots across the city of Leicester, you can still swim, and many people do, at a number of less public locations.

‘The Tree’ (bathing area) is perhaps most popular but there are many others, see map.

The sunshine always brings swimmers down to the water but the popularity of wild swimming in Leicester has increased remarkably with the number of Polish immigrants who have yet to be convinced that the rivers in England are dangerous, because everyone swims in the river back home. Barbecues and picnickers line the riverbank with young and old enjoying the water. If tempted to join them please check through the safety pages first!

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Take a trip back in time! Discover just how many official ASA recommended outdoor swimming facility's were available to a nation keen to take the plunge back in 1912...

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