Wild Swimming in La Caleta Tenerife

Its much too hot to just sit on the beach in Tenerife! The sea is always warm enough for swimming at any time of year and so everyone takes a dip to cool down and refresh themselves. La Caleta is on the very edge of the urbanised region centred arround Los Cristianos.

Rocky outcrops of volcanic pumice make an interesting area to explore and there are a number of steps making it easy to reach the water.

Only busy at the weekend or on national holidays, the area is a quiet retreat from the hubbub of the more touristy areas, yet there are still a number of excellent cafes and restaurants to choose from.

This picture shows the view from my cottage window.

In Spain people are left to decide for themselves if sea conditions are safe for swimming. They have to think for themselves and decide if the water is deep enough for diving or not.

As for me I loved my visit to Caleta!

Please click the link for Safe Swimming advice for Adults and Children

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