Wild Swimming in Bern – the Capital City of Switzerland

Nestled beneath the Capitol Building you will find a swimmers paradise.

A Lido free for all to use with diving boards, children’s pools, play areas, sunbathing and cafe’ facility’s.

But outdoor swimmers will be tempted by the city’s special attraction; swimming in the Aare.

Of course you must be a good swimmer if you want to go river swimming. Try short swims to begin with paying special attention to how experienced swimmers both enter and exit the water and then copy their methods. Rivers with a strong current like the Aare deserve respect and so it makes sense to follow the advice of locals!

You can walk up to the park and camping ground: Campingplatz Eichholz, Strandweg 49, 3084 Wabern, and swim from there to the city center. Take notice of the warning signs and get out well before the last take out point.

The river Aare begins with glacial melt water and its wonderful colour results from the minerals it contains.

Wonderfully refreshing as it is to swim in cool water on a hot sunny day, remember that you can get too cold! If you get cold GET OUT and warm up again in the sunshine. On a hot day adjust to the cool water before setting off on a swimming adventure.

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