Wild Swimming Destination: Los Abrigos Natural Pool – Tenerife

Wild Swimming Tenerife

This is one of the most exciting natural swimming pools in Tenerife. Totally natural, carved out of the volcanic rock by the action of the sea alone. However it can be very dangerous to swim here.

When swimming take great care not to get sucked into the caves that feed water into and out of the pool and remember that sea conditions can suddenly change without warning making what could have been a safe swim, much less so. Stay in the center of the pool if caught off guard by a sudden swell. If in doubt don’t risk it! The more dramatic the sea conditions the greater the danger but at the same time the more fascinating the pool becomes as it takes on the personality of a living entity.

The pool can be found on the road between Los Abrigos and El Medano. Having left the shops and houses of Abrigos behind, you will soon reach a banana plantation that spans both sides of the road. Rather than travel through the plantation turn right and follow the dirt road down to the cliff.  Here you can park your car and see below you, just under the plantation this fantastic swimming pool.

To get down to the pool is a bit of a scramble, but if you have children with you get them to look out for vents in the rock where gasses escaped as the lava was cooling. Can they find the elephant rock formation nearby the pool?

Their are no facilities at the pool whatsoever and in my opinion it is not safe for preteens to swim here, but the spectacle of seeing the pool waters rise and fall is truly hypnotic. Be aware also that what looks like a safe paddling area has a sink hole in the middle so hold on to little ones.

If you watch the video below you will see that a safer swimming area for adventurous children can be enjoyed in Los Abrigos itself, just a few minutes away by car.

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