Wild Swimming Destination: El Tablado – Tenerife

This is hardly off the beaten track, but El Tablado is yet another hidden gem, seldom discovered by tourists.

El Tablado Tenerife Beach

Located just off the TF1, halfway between Tenerife South Airport and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This swim is in no way a tourist trap, but rather a quiet village with its very own natural swimming pool, sea swimming terrace and hidden cave!

El Tablado Tenerife Wild Swimming

Their may be few facilities; just one bar, but with rocks to dive from and crystal clear waters this is the place to visit when traveling the TF1.

El Tablado Tenerife Swimming

The cave is accessible from the rocks or by swimming directly into it from the sea. As with all natural features, sea conditions can make swimming from the cave to the sea hazardous.

El Tablado Tenerife Fish

When visiting for the first time ask a local to go with you to safely enter and exit the cave and tunnel.

El Tablado Tenerife Sea Bathing

If you try to swim against the flow you will be underwater for a long time. If in doubt try diving from the rocks or visit the natural swimming pool instead!

El Tablado Tenerife Natural Swimming Pool

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