Wild Swimming and Tombstoning

With the wonderful sunny weather people have been taking to the water all over the country and so inevitably voices have been raised about the dangers of wild swimming and tomb-stoning. Youngsters in the UK are advised in the press never to jump into open waters, whereas their counterparts throughout Europe are given a very different message.

It’s true that outdoor swimming carries with it some risks, but the same can be said for other summertime activities. Walking to the park involves crossing busy roads, yet we all know that despite the dangers, roads can be safely crossed and we teach even young children how to do so. There has to be a difference between crossing when the road is clear and risking life and limb by stepping out into traffic without looking. Likewise there is a big difference between jumping into water that is deep enough and risking ones life by jumping into the unknown.

Garachico Tenerife no lifguard but plenty of fun

Outdoor swimming has many benefits. Children soon learn water safety and on a hot summer’s day why shouldn’t we all enjoy our countryside and coastline by swimming in the wild?

Where to swim in Tenerife

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