Wild Swimming a Great Way to Escape the Heat!

In England we need more recognised safe bathing areas to escape the heat!

Teenagers turn skate-park into swimming pool

Teenagers turn skate-park into swimming pool

Crowds of young people flocked to the skate park in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, when word spread that it had somehow been filled with water from the nearby River Calder to allow youngsters to cool off.

Education and safe swimming locations are sadly lacking in England the birthplace of modern swimming.

Their are more than 1,900 EU designated inland bathing waters in Germany, more than 1,300 in France, yet just 12 in the UK.

Why is it that in England the outdoor swimmer has been hung out to dry?

How can it be that despite banning swimming in rivers and lakes we still seem to experience roughly the same rate of drowning as the rest of Europe.

Perhaps banning swimming in relatively safe and popular swimming locations pushes swimmers out of sight and into danger.

Cold water swimming and education can on the other hand save lives.

Despite the alarmist headlines, the risk associated with wild swimming are very low. ROSPA explain that the risk of dying in the water equates with the risk of a pedestrian being struck by a motor vehicle. 1:200,000 participants per year.

Hot weather does little to melt the determination of the British when it comes to perceived  standards of correctness.

In Wales the headteacher of Whitchurch High School in Cardiff Huw Jones-Williams is sticking to his guns and has vowed to continue with the school’s strict uniform policy, which permits girls to choose between skirts or trousers, but prevents boys from wearing shorts in hot weather.

Boys wear skirts to school as shorts are not allowed

Boys wear skirts to school as shorts are not allowed

When it comes to wild swimming; safety is essential.

So don’t take risks, swim with care!

Swim Smart (advice for Adults and Teenagers)

Swim Safe (advice for Parents and Children)

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