Wild Swimmers; if you see a shark – DON’T PANIC!

Wild Swimmers; if you see a shark – DON’T PANIC!

Shark! Don’t Panic!!!

Shark scientist Riley Elliott tells us in the New Zealand Herold: ‘There are three “golden rules” in the water that people can follow if they want to stay safe.

Firstly, eye contact with the shark will let it know it’s been spotted and foil any chance of a surprise attack – their natural feeding strategy.

Because this can’t be done in murky water, swimming in clear water is rule number two.

Thirdly, being relaxed and calm in your movements is important because sharks can pick up on the body’s electrical signals.

When you are surfing or ocean swimming, you are actively breaking all of these rules in the worst possible ways. No visibility, no eyesight and high heart rates.” ’

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