Whatever Next? – RoSPA Recommend Wild Swimming!

How bizarre! Yesterday Tom Mullarkey, RoSPA’s Chief Executive informed the world on his blog; Safety Gone Sane, that he and many others at RoSPA: “often go wet and wild.”

He tells us of his swimming in “all of the Great Lakes… the Ganges at Varanasi (spiritually uplifting but bacterially soupy). Also, if you take to cold water with all the happy, panting enthusiasm of a Newfoundland dog, you might as well swim there too, and I have.”

RoSPA Recommend Wild Swimming

Regarding his motivation Tom continues: “When you emerge, reborn and renewed, everything in your life looks that little bit sharper and brighter, there is a tiny, involuntary smile on your lips and, for the rest of the day, you walk, springy with joy, on a soft cushion of fresh mountain air.”

His blog post includes some sensible advice on avoiding the dangers associated with wild swimming, to which I would add the need to immediately exit the water should an electrical storm approach.

Perhaps this revelation along with the welcome news that Nick Clegg and William Hague are partial to traditional swimming in the wild will help shift the resolute opposition displayed by some local authorities towards wild swimming.

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