Unacceptable! Children leave School Unable to Swim

Swim England reports: Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson says it is ‘frankly unacceptable’ that six out of 10 children could leave primary school by 2025 unable to swim 25m.

Currently, one in four 11-year-olds leave primary school unable to competently and confidently swim the required 25m in a variety of strokes or perform safe self-rescue.

However, unless action is taken, it is feared that could rise to six in 10 by 2025.

“Every child should be given the chance to learn to swim at school.

“They’re given the opportunity to learn to read and write – and swimming and water safety should be no different.

“There is a reason it’s part of the national curriculum – because it’s a vital skill that could one day help save their life or someone else’s.