Three Children Travel by Plane to get to Swimming Lessons

these children have to travel by plane to get to their swimming lessons

The Irish News reports: Three children have to take a flight from a remote Scottish island so they can learn to swim.

Freyja Parnaby, six, Grace Parnaby, nine, and Lewis Wright-Stanners, nine, regularly travel from the Fair Isle to Shetland for their lessons.

Each time they face the potential that their flight home may be cancelled due to adverse weather, leaving them stranded on the mainland.

The children, from Fair Isle Primary School, take the 25-minute flight with their head teacher Ruth Stout, funded by the education department.

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Fair Isle – home to 60 people – is the most geographically remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom.

Brian Lironi, of Scottish Water, said: “Shetland – and remote islands such as Fair Isle – are surrounded by water so it’s so important that children, from a young age, are competent swimmers. “We’re extremely proud to be supporting the Learn to Swim Framework across Scotland and it’s fantastic to see that even when pools aren’t always within easy reach, geography is no barrier to learning to swim.”

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