The Old Bathing Place – Witney Oxfordshire

The Old Bathing Place – Witney Oxfordshire

The Old Bathing Place Witney

The Oxford Mail Reports on the restoration of the site: “…as we stood there looking out over the river from the site of the original changing cubicles, the views were almost indistinguishable from photographs taken in the early years of the 20th century.”

During the restoration a number of original features were discovered, including steps leading into the river, a handrail for swimmers along the river wall, fixings for the spring board and a taller diving


The concrete bases of the former changing cubicles were also discovered and a new paved area has been created to highlight their location. Local historian Stanley Jenkins said: “It started in the 1920s and was very popular in its day. You used to have to pay thrupence to get in. “It remained in use until the 1970s when the council built the indoor swimming pool.”

District council cabinet member for communities Richard Langridge said: “Not only is this area a great place to relax and enjoy some tranquil space in the middle of the busy town, but it also gives people the opportunity to learn about Witney’s rich history and how the town has evolved since the early 1900s.”

Why is it that in the UK outdoor swimming opportunities like this have closed whereas they remain open and alive to this day across Europe and America? It took me 10 years to find the answer…

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