The Indoor swimming pool could be making you sick

As winter approaches many wild swimmers will be returning to the warmth of the indoor pool. Researcher Dr. Alfred Bernard is a professor of toxicology at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels and one of the world’s leading researchers on aquatic environments. He has published a series of studies documenting the effects of chlorine and its byproducts in swimming pools.

According to Bernard’s studies, swimming in indoor, chlorinated pools during childhood has been shown to reduce levels of serum inhibin B and total testosterone, both indicators of sperm count and mobility. Bernard has also substantiated a link between swimming in indoor chlorinated pools and the development of asthma and recurrent bronchitis in children.

A 2007 study, conducted by Bernard, showed airway and lung permeability changes in children who had participated in an infant swimming group.

But these risks could be drastically reduced.” It’s a public education thing,” Blatchley said. “Swimmers and the general public need to recognize that there’s a link between their hygiene habits and the health of everyone who uses the pool.”

Next time you head to the pool do your part, and hit showers before you hit the water, everyone will be better off for it. Source

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