The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, the most visited tourist destination in Iceland. Entrance here is some £35.00, yet the unique experience is well worth it.

The Blue Lagoon was accidentally formed in 1976 during operation at the nearby geothermal power plant. In the years that followed, people began bathe in the water and apply its silica mud to their skin. Those with psoriasis noticed an incredible improvement in their condition.

Bathing in this pool would be outlawed in the UK as the milky water makes it impossible to see submerged swimmers, and the swirling steam obscures the lifeguards view completely for much of the time. Additionally we would say that the water is too hot at 40C. The nearest pool we have to this in England would be the Thermae Bath Spar. My visit to Bath was somewhat spoiled last year as the waters which start out at 45C were cooled down to 34C (the optimum bathing temperature) and I felt somewhat chilly in the frosty night air. Not so at the Blue Lagoon, the waters are roasting hot.

Icelanders don’t seem to need dozens of lifeguards either. Instead staff are on hand to serve drinks, ice-creams and generally make sure that everyone has a good time and of course shower properly.

Showering without costumes keeps pool water clean

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