The 0pening of Rutland Water Bathing Beach has been delayed due to the drought!

Bathing Beach Cotswold Water Park

Rutland Water Bathing Beach could soon be as popular as Cotswold Water Park pictured here.

After a cold but dry winter many swimmers have been looking forward to the opening of a bathing beach at Rutland Water this summer.

The fact that this is even being considered is a tectonic shift in opinion in favor of recreational open water swimming.

We have Robert Aspey, of the RASLA, to thank for the progress that has been made so far, but the weather is to blame for the fact that the beach will not now open until summer 2013.

Is this a delaying tactic on behalf of Anglian Water? Not at all, water levels at the reservoir are still too low for the project to continue this year despite all the rain we have had. Having sailed on this water many times I can vouch for the fact that in dry conditions entry to the lake is very muddy indeed.

Hopefully by summer 2013 water levels will have risen and a sandy beach will be ready and waiting for summer swimmers.

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