Swimming must become More Visible says Swim England

The benefits of swimming

Sports Management reports: People see swimming as lacking relevance to their lives, and lacking visibility in comparison to other sports. These are barriers that the sport is working to overcome, according to Swim England CEO Jane Nickerson.

Asked what the major challenges affecting participation are, and how these are being tackled, she said: “We undertook research into the key challenges. Firstly, it’s a lack of confidence in swimming ability. In order to combat this, we’re utilising a significant amount of resources to ensure all 11-year-old children leave school able to swim 25m, are competent in multiple strokes and can perform a safe self-rescue.

“Secondly, swimming is seen as lacking relevance to people’s lives. We’re working to overcome this barrier by showing people the benefits of swimming and how it can fit into their busy lives, and by working with partners to ensure programmes are in place that will attract different audiences.

“Swimming is a ‘hidden sport’, not as visible as football, cycling and running, for example. We have worked with partners to increase the sport’s visibility, and various media campaigns have supported this work. The Love Swimming campaign, supported by 12 industry partners, promotes swimming and the specific benefits of being active in water.”

Discover how and why swimmers were chased out of open water and hidden from public view.

To read the full interview, see Issue 2 2019 of Sports Management here

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