Swimming in History – Weymouth

Early Morning Dip Weymouth

Weymouth is a cornerstone in the history of swimming and bathing, a fine sandy beach that gently slopes into the sea makes it a safe haven for children, but grownups have to walk out a long way to get a swim!

A Royal Dipping (print by John Nixon)

George III, pictured above, bathed at Weymouth to improve his health (as the band playing “God save the King”). To the Nations delight, the Kings health much improved and so with Royal patronage and health benefits seaside resorts quickly became holiday Meccas.

Queen Victoria with her family

So the seaside was transformed by our desire for good health, but bizarre as it may seem, the first monarch to have bathed for fun as opposed to health was none other than Queen Victoria, and from this point on seaside towns began to evolve from the health spas of the past into pleasure beaches.

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