Swimming History Picture of the Week: The Weir Pool at Pangbourne 1900

The Weir Pool at Pangbourne 1900

On a hot sunny day what could be more natural than to swim in the great outdoors? At one time the British were known worldwide as the swimming nation, how then do we find ourselves mostly confined to indoor pools today? The wild swimming phenomenon sweeping the country is raising questions in the mind of thinking people. Why is river and lake swimming so popular across Europe yet so often frowned upon here in the U.K? This book examines the history of British Swimming and the effect that our love affair with water has had upon our culture. Discover how the attitudes of the British changed swimming from an animated, outdoor, playful activity, mostly enjoyed by working class boys, into a very competitive sport, confined predominantly to man-made pools. Discover why we British are so remarkably different to our neighbors in both Europe and America, and discover a depth to British culture that you may have previously overlooked. “A persuasive book… intriguing… quite remarkable.” Swimming Times 2012 Read more…

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Take a trip back in time! Discover just how many official ASA recommended outdoor swimming facility's were available to a nation keen to take the plunge back in 1912...

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