Swimming forbidden in Hatchmere Lake

Hatchmere lake closed to swimmers

Cheshire Live reports: Cheshire Wildlife Trust has issued a public warning that risks are now posed to human health and they have also recorded a significant drop in levels of wildlife around the lake.

The mere is a popular bathing spot, but the algal blooms during summer 2019 led to the tragic death of a dog which swam in the water. As a part of the efforts to help nature to recover at Hatch Mere and to keep people safe, a decision has… been made to no longer allow access to the lake for swimmers and bathers.


Similar problems with algae occur across Europe. However the problem can be successfully managed as for example at the Henleaze Swimming Lake in Bristol. See; Hung Out to dry Swimming and British Culture page 145-8 and at Cotswold Water Park, see page 148-9 for details.

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