Swimming Could Cheer Up Britain – Official Study Reveals

After the disappointment in the World Cup, a new study shows the remedy is to get the Nation swimming.

Swimming Could Cheer Up Britain

Want to feel more content, less grumpy and finally get a good night’s sleep? Swimming could be the answer, a new study reveals.

The soothing qualities of the water could help make the nation less grumpy! Negative emotions decrease at almost the same rate as positive emotions increase, suggesting that we could all be water babies at heart.

The report found that taking a regular dip at your local pool can make you feel happier as well as healthier, with participants reporting an increase of 35% in positivity during a major new four week study.

Swimming makes you feel happy (new study reveals)

The results have also shown that the low impact sport is a tonic for everyday life, increasing levels of sleep quality (+40%) and energy levels (+51%) and fitness levels (+15%) during the course of the study.

Just a few laps a week can have an almost immediate effect, with those donning their swimsuits seeing an increase of 20% in their overall levels of well-being after just one week. These levels were maintained for the duration of the study, peaking again at 29% in the final week, found the research by British Gas SwimBritain conducted by Mindlab International. More…

Discover more about the reaction of the human body with water at: Designed to swim!

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