Wild Swimming Can Save Your Child's Life

Wild Swimming Can Save Your Child's Life

Many children just can’t swim and many of those who can struggle to keep going for the length of a swimming pool.

The A.S.A. have highlighted the inadequacies of an education system that fails to teach these basic skills and the government agrees: “By the end of primary school, pupils must be taught to swim 25m unaided using recognised strokes on their front and back and use a range of personal survival skills.”

Children should learn to swim competently and they need to learn young.

As they get older children become very conscious of their appearance and some come to look with horror at the thought of being exposed in their swimming costume at the swimming pool. Parents can help to counteract this by taking their children to swim on a regular basis in the early years and throughout childhood.

Swimming should be a fun part of the weekly routine for every family.

Swimming at the indoor pool is one way to teach children about the joys of swimming. Teaching survival should misfortune strike in the great outdoors is quite another.

With advice from the National Trust recently that all children should try wild swimming before they are 11 ¾ it makes sense to teach children how to swim responsibly outdoors with a water equivalent of the green cross code.

Water quality continues to improve in the bathing waters of Britain and so there has never been a better time to take the plunge outdoors.

Water Safety for Children

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