Swim England fears many pools will not reopen after lockdown

Swim England fears many pools will not reopen after lockdown

The Press Association reports: Two hundred pools have closed permanently because of the coronavirus pandemic this year and the chief executive of Swim England fears an “awful lot more” might be forced to follow suit amid a second national lockdown.

While elite sport has been given the green light to continue, Jane Nickerson has queried why swimming pools are among a number of leisure facilities in England that have been told to shut down for four weeks from Thursday.

Nickerson pointed out the physical and psychological benefits of swimming, which according to a report saves the NHS and social care system £357million per year, adding pools do not carry a high risk of transmission.

She told the PA news agency: “We’ve proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that indoor leisure and swimming pools have a very low transmission of this virus and are safe places for people to go and exercise.

“To just slam the door shut again now, my concern is that many pools won’t reopen and certainly I believe a lot won’t reopen now before Christmas.

“We’ve lost 200 swimming pools already following the first lockdown, I think an awful lot more can follow suit.

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