Stay Safe When Swimming in Open Water

The Telegraph reports: Kate ‘Rew was speaking as news emerged that at least 17 Britons had lost their lives as a result of swimming in quarries and other open water spots during the current heatwave.’

‘Rew had the following advice for would-be open water swimmers:

* Don’t swim when drunk

* Don’t jump in without knowing depth of water

* Make sure you know about currents

* Find out about the swimming place before you get in – both by speaking with people who live locally and checking the Outdoor Swimming Society map

* Before going into the water, make sure you know where you are going to get out

* Swim close to the shore

* Swim with someone else

* Start off swimming modest distances and then build up

Rew said that a lot of difficulties associated with open water swimming came about because water temperatures in lakes, rivers and the sea tended to be considerably lower than in heated swimming pools.’ More…

Swim Smart (advice for Adults and Teenagers)

Swim Safe (advice for Parents and Children)

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