South West Water told to ‘stop polluting River Torridge with human waste’

The North Devon Journal reports: “We have had enough – this has to stop before something serious happens,” warns one Appledore man who is sick of seeing raw sewage pumped into the River Torridge.

The sewer outfall is close to boat moorings and many people can be seen swimming and fishing in the stretch of water.Mr Smale said: “At one point last summer, I actually saw used women’s sanitary items in the water and I have had to constantly clean raw sewage off my boat – it’s awful.”

Torridge District Councillor Andrew Eastman, (corr) ward member for Appledore, has been pressing South West Water and most recently Ofwat (The Water Services Regulation Authority) to get the sewage issue sorted.

“For years and years this has gone on. It’s about time something is done. I just don’t know what more we can do,” he said.Mr Smale added: “I have seen children playing in that water. I would not dare let my grandchildren do the same. We don’t know what the sewage is doing to the fish, never mind people who swim in the river. Something needs to be done before someone falls ill, before something serious happens.” More…

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