Saskatoon Police Will Not Crackdown on Wild River Swimming

News from Canada – Officials say swimming the South Saskatchewan is dangerous, yet CBC News reports:  “The city of Saskatoon’s bylaw is quite clear: “no person shall swim in the South Saskatchewan River within the limits of the City of Saskatoon.”  But the river is right there, cool and convenient, and when the sun is high and hot, many people tend to ignore that bylaw and take the plunge.”

“Police have no plans for a big crackdown in illegal swimming in the city. However, they are monitoring the situation. Edwards said that from a policing perspective, swimming is perhaps less problematic than things like illegal parking, alcohol consumption and littering.” 

“A report to Saskatoon city council in 2012 recommended against creating a public beach within the city limits due to the danger of swimming and wading in it… During the summer of 2011, the report states that police were deployed a number of times to the sandbar along the river between Pembina Avenue and Ravine Drive. Officers observed between 500-750 people on the sandbar during hot days.”

“The report said that the high numbers of people going to the sandbar led to issues with parking and littering.” More…

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