Rutland Water Bathing Beach

For now, Rutland Water Bathing Beach is just a building site, and at first glance it might seem that little is going on.

Set on a grassy bank, surrounded by woodland, this carefully chosen location at Sykes Lane is the result of years of consideration by Anglian Water Services.

Robert Aspey, Inland Access Officer for the Outdoor Swimming Society has worked tirelessly advising and encouraging access for swimmers and this will be a giant leap forward for any water authority.

No swimming has always been the rule at Rutland Water, but soon a life-guarded bathing beach could be added to the attractive facilities in place at the site, providing a safe haven for wild swimmers across the region.

Local people are overwhelmingly in support of this project, a beacon of best practice that will see the lawns and facilities transformed during the summer.

Rutland-on-Sea is moving closer!

Rutland Water Visitor Centre

Sykes Lane



LE15 8QL

Telephone: 01780 686800

Swim with care!

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