Rivers and Lakes Open Again for Wild Swimming

The Australian Daily Telegraph reports: Cabarita Beach and Chiswick Baths safe for …swimmers this summer.

A… multi-council initiative to clean up the industrial toxins that have blighted the river for decades is paying dividends with locals already taking the plunge.

For the first time in many years, the water has been deemed clean and safe for swimmers. …and the return of swimming in Cabarita Beach was a sign of things to come.

“We have returned swimming to Lake Parramatta and it has been a tremendous success,” Cr Garrard said.

“Over time we hope we can achieve clean water throughout the river, servicing the recreational needs of the inner west and western Sydney.”

Safe Swimming at Cabarita Park, first designated as a recreation area in the 1880s

Cabarita Park was first designated as a recreation area in the 1880s – and people today continue to take advantage of the picturesque park and the clean, safe swimming conditions.

“It’s much nicer to swim in the natural river than in an artificial pool. It means that residents don’t have to travel long distances to the ocean, especially on hot days,” Cr Tyrrell said.

“People who are keen to swim at any time don’t have to drive to the beach on a hot day, or get a bus from Drummoyne to Coogee Beach.

“It’s much nicer to walk down the end of your road to Cabarita, which will also benefit residents in Breakfast Point and Chiswick.”

NSW Environment and Heritage’s Beachwatch program, which regularly monitors harbour swimming sites, has given the City of Canada Bay spots the tick of approval.

Swimming in the river is becoming a reality again, only one year into the Our Living River initiative, which aims to make it completely swimmable by 2025.

Canada Bay mayor Angelo Tsirekas said it was great to see the locations were safe for swimming.

“Continuing to focus on this project and improving the Parramatta River to ensure it will be swimmable will be of great benefit to all communities along the river,” Cr Tsirekas said.

“After decades of neglect, we are now bringing our river and surrounding creeks back to their former glory,” Cr Laxale said.

“This will have tangible social and economic benefits to the two million residents who surround the area.”

Cabarita Beach recently opened for the first time in 72 years.Read more on this story…

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