River Swimming in Zürich

Upper Letten River Pool

Having spent a week in Switzerland, I’m staggered at the difference in attitude towards swimming in Europe compared to attitudes here in England. Some might argue that we are European and on paper that’s  true yet the prejudice shown towards swimmers here is in marked contrast to our European cousins.

Dive into the Letten Zürich

Having said this you can’t swim just anywhere in Switzerland, warnings are given when rivers are too high as well as about dangers presented by boats and shipping, but unlike England, swimmers aren’t kept out of the water needlessly.

For example you can swim for free in the Limmat as it flows through Zürich. As you can see from the picture, river swimming is incredibly popular. Two life guards were on hand to make sure everyone was OK, especially when swimming near the bathing structures. I was delighted to find the fast flowing river refreshingly cool and that the extensive swimming area even includes diving boards!

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