River Swimming – A way of Life in the Summer

Swimming in the River Cam

In an article about Jack Overhill his summertime childhood experiences are an inspiration:

“Jack was a dedicated swimmer, becoming the most celebrated river-swimmer in Cambridge. Having entered the water aged one he first swam when he was three and by the age of four was a clever diver. Paramount Sound News could not persuade the shy young Jack to talk when they filmed his prowess. He was later one of the self-styled New Town Water Rats who almost lived at the swimming place on Sheep’s Green in the summer.”

“He swam all year, rarely missing a day and won the first of many trophies when 19, by then a lean six-footer . In winter, Jack would often break through the ice to take a dip, such was his enthusiasm. Jack founded the successful Granta Swimming Club in 1934. In his unpublished book, “Swimming for Fun”, written at the suggestion of his friend Neil Bell, he embodied all his experiences with swimming.”

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