Picture of the Week: Wild Swimming in Friedrichshafen Germany

Wild Swimming in Friedrichshafen Germany

Across Europe swimming is actively encouraged. Here at Friedrichshafen the lake is seen as a tourist attraction and so swimming features heavily on its tourism website.

In Scotland their is unrestricted access for swimming in any river, lake, or reservoir as per the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

In Ireland the waterways generally have open access for swimming.

In England negative attitudes rather than legal restrictions prohibit free access to rivers and lakes for swimmers.

British culture is unique in that we stand alone as the nation that reinvented swimming, spread its popularity worldwide and then rounded up a nation of swimmers, chased them out of open water and confined them to indoor swimming pools.

So where can we swim and how can we swim safely?

These are questions I will be answering this Saturday on BBC Radio Leicester between 12.00 and 2.00 on Ed Stagg’s panel show.

Discover the connection between swimming and British culture, read Hung Out to Dry and you will see the British as never before.

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