Petition Launched to Reopen Rickmansworth Aquadrome for Swimming

In the Colne Valley area in Hertfordshire, there are twenty five lakes, providing access for water fowl, fishing, water skiing and sailing. However, there is not a single open water venue currently open to public swimmers. Given the benefits of outdoor swimming, both in terms of recreational value and public health, this petition aims to open a section of for Safe Swimming.

Bury Lake (one of the three lakes at Rickmansworth Aquadrome) is currently being used by a children’s sailing club. The water quality is excellent and even the littlest sailors, who often spend quite some time submerged, can do so without risk of Weil’s disease or blue-green algae. Bury Lake is certifiably clear of bacteria and other contaminants, as are the other lakes that make up Rickmansworth Aquadrome.

Sadly, following the drowning of a sailor in 1980s, the aquadrome has been off-limits for public swimming. This highlights the importance of safety procedures, adequate signage, and the need for a swimming association to supervise any swimming that takes place at the Aquadrome. ‘Bury Lake Swimmers Association’ aim to provide all three.

There are few pastimes more quintessentially British than swimming and sailing. At Bury Lake, the roots of both activities can be traced back hundreds of years, and we wish to see them co-existing again in the very near future.


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