Outdoor pools in deep water

The Guardian Reports: Scores of outdoor pools across the country are struggling to stay open. Jenny Landreth visits three which have somehow managed to go against the tide

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Deep Water

If you put a red dot on a map of Britain for every swimming pool that’s fighting for survival, there’d be a nasty rash, top to bottom. Take Tarlair Lido in Aberdeen, recently granted £300,000 for immediate repairs which makes its swimming future imaginable, or Brighton‘s art deco Saltdean Lido, wrested by campaigners from a developer who was not, shall we say, “swimming friendly”. Some are in locations that don’t exactly smack of glamour – I’m thinking of the saved Walthamstow Forest College Pool, now run by a community interest company, or Moseley Road Baths, in a stunning Grade II listed building just south of Birmingham city centre, not a known tourist hotspot. More…

Discover the history of British swimming pools.

Why were lidos once so popular, why have most closed leaving a remnant gasping for breath?

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