One in Five Adults Cannot Swim!

The Telegraph reports: One in five adults cannot swim, survey warns Up to nine million adults – 20 per cent of men and 22 per cent of women over the age of 14 – are unable to swim, according to the Amateur Swimming Association

One in five adults cannot swim

…up to nine million men and women aged over 14 in England have never learned to swim, with the highest number of non-swimmers above 65.

The group’s study, which also suggested that 2.13 million adults want to learn to swim, calls on policy makers to ensure swimming is accessible to all.

It is interesting to note that around 16 per cent, or 5.2 million adults in England, can be described as “functionally illiterate”. By the standards set in Roman times this means that one fifth of the UK adult population remain ‘ignorant’ despite compulsory education!

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