Nottingham Post – Wild Swimming

The Nottingham Post reports: All this week we have been running ideas by staff members on what should be changed about Nottingham. Now author and Parish Councillor Joy James from Colwick Village gives her own take on the subject.

Parish Councillor Joy James from Colwick Village wild swimming

I’ve been described as “more Nottingham than Maid Marian”, and that is true; I am fiercely protective of this city and therefore am loathe to criticise it…

After discussing a number of issues Joy James lists 10 things that she would change about Nottingham with Wild Swimming topping the list:

So what would I change?

1. We live in – arguably – the most lovely city surrounded by parks, lakes and river waters. Our city fathers are sitting on millions of pounds of our money. Give us some back by way of free wild swimming areas and other similar attractions. more…

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