News From The King’s Cross Pond Club

As King Richard III is laid to rest in Leicester, we are seeing a resurrection of Swimming interest at King’s Cross London!

King’s Cross Pond Club to Open It’s Doors in May

A host of events are in the offing:

Get Involved! Plant the banks of the King’s Cross Pond Club – Family Event 28th March

Water, Water Everywhere! – Family Event 31st March

Water, Water Everywhere! – Family Event 7th April

The History of Hidden Rivers – A Walking Tour of the River Fleet 12th April

Sustainability at King’s Cross: Micro vs Macro 18th April

King’s Cross: Past and Present 19th April

Wild Swimming in the City’ a talk at the British Library – Tickets £8 6th May

Public Art Forum: Art, Place and Community, A talk hosted by the Contemporary Art Society 19th May

All events are free unless stated otherwise.

Back in Leicester we are hope to see a paddling pool opened in Abbey Park this year, and you never know, as attitudes soften, perhaps we will one day be able to swim again in the river in Leicesters Abby Park!

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