New York Dry Line Welcomes Wild Swimmers

From Flood Risk to Wild Swimming Baths

The Guardian Reports: If New York needs 10 miles of flood defenses to protect it from another Hurricane Sandy, why not conceive the barrier as a leisure amenity? Oliver Wainwright meets the Danish architect behind this bold plan…

New York Flood Defenses

As the berm weaves its way along the highway, it will take on the character of different areas, curving around existing sports pitches, morphing into grandstand seating and providing a level at which the road might be permanently covered over in future. There are plans for fishing piers as well as wild swimming pools in the spirit of Copenhagen’s harbour baths, which came out of one of the first consultation meetings, when an enthusiastic group of East River swimmers turned up.

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Take a trip back in time! Discover just how many official ASA recommended outdoor swimming facility's were available to a nation keen to take the plunge back in 1912...

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