Nanny Says NO! But is She Right?

In the latest expression of ‘state care’ a 150 year tradition bites the dust as it’s now too popular.

The BBC reported: “…Brighton and Hove City Council has decided it will close the beach on Christmas Day over ‘safety fears’ after a man got into difficulty in the waters earlier this year and another [inebriated] swimmer had to be rescued… three years ago.”

“Brighton Swimming Club agreed to follow the council’s lead and cancel its annual festive swim after its dedicated group of 30 …swelled to 4,000.”

“Seafront Manager Chris Ingall added: ‘Sea swimming takes skill, stamina and knowledge …and should only be for the very experienced, using suitable wetsuits, in very calm conditions and with a friend.”

I don’t swim in a wetsuit, but when I go winter swimming I find the sea inviting. Most people simply paddle and splash in the shallows leaving serious swimmers to a deeper water dash. When I get cold I get out and enjoy the feeling of afterglow over a hot drink.

Click on the picture below and see just how different attitudes are in Denmark.

“I don’t look forward to spring because then the ice swimmer season is over.” Lily Sølvig Wedel Krambeck, 8

The freedom to swim has been massively eroded in recent years. But in Europe swimmers are not nanny’ed out of the water as we are here. To quote the words of Boris Johnson: “To swim, perchance to drown, is an undeniable human right.”

Yet this right is being denied. True if people take to the water in an irresponsible way they may well end up paying the ultimate price, but unless we allow the freedom to chose how will people learn that actions have consequences?

Today conditions are perfect for sea swimming, warm bright sunshine with easy tides. But now that the club swimmers have followed the Councils lead, what will become of those less experienced swimmers that take to the sea away from their watchful gaze? Will they really be safer now that their is no one to watch over them?

If the Nanny State is going to control every aspect of our lives we’ll just have to get used to being treated like children. Either that, or we’ll have to grow up and start to think for ourselves!

In Switzerland attitudes are very different, please enjoy the video below:

Swim Safe!

Could Health and Safety Drowning us by Accident?

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