Let’s Make Our River Swimmable Again by 2025!

Blacktown Council Chatter Campaign to Revive River

The Blacktown Sun Reports from Australia:

Blacktown Council Chatter Campaign to Revive River

An estimated 500 people made a splash at a recent beach party held at International Peace Park in Seven Hills to celebrate the end of summer.

Activities included beach volleyball, a waterslide, giant water balls, face painting, nature walks and a free sausage sizzle.

The aim of the day was to raise awareness about the Our Living River campaign, which focuses on improving the health of Parramatta River to make it swimmable by 2025.

The campaign was developed by Blacktown Council in partnership with Parramatta River Catchment Group.

Once a very popular swimming spot, the Parramatta River has experienced a significant deterioration over many decades and become unsafe for swimming due to high pollution levels.

The beach party gave residents a chance to provide feedback on how they would like to see Parramatta River brought back to life.

Residents voted for their favorite swimming spots with the most popular within a 20-minute drive — Lake Parramatta, Little Coogee (Parramatta Park) and Centennial Baths (Parramatta CBD).

In my home city of Leicester the water is clean enough for swimming but attitudes are as yet still set against river swimming in the City…

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