King’s College to Review Swimming Ban

Varsity reports: King’s College have said they will review the swimming ban put in place at Grantchester Meadows last week.

They have also said they will not prosecute anyone who swims responsibly in Grantchester, after a petition against the ban garnered over 18,000 signatures.

King’s College put the ban in place last Thursday, citing “anti-social behaviour” as one of the reasons behind the restrictions. “No swimming” signs were erected on the meadows.

A King’s spokesperson said yesterday: “The advice we have been given would suggest that legally it is not sufficient for us to indicate that entering the river would be ‘at the swimmer’s own risk’, unless we have taken action to prevent swimming. This advice will be reviewed.

“In the meantime we cannot imagine any circumstances under which the college would bring a civil claim against someone swimming responsibly.”

The “no swimming” notice has since been vandalised, while the ban was flouted over the weekend. A spoof notice on King’s College notepaper was also put up at the site, mocking the ban as an elitist decision.

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