Is Swimming Participation Falling or are Swimmers Just Moving Outdoors?

Swim Vortex Reports: “Organisers of one of Britain’s leading Open Water swimming events, The Henley Classic, have poured cold water on Sport England statistics that show the sport in decline when it comes to participation.”

Are Swimmers Moving Outdoors

Swimming “has possibly never been in better shape”

“There is a massive wave of momentum building up in the open water swimming world, which gets no mention in Sport England’s latest proclamations on participant numbers. Their focus would appear to be on pool swimming alone, which ignores the hordes of swimmers taking to our lakes, rivers and seas.”

“Swimming is also more popular in summer, the latest statistics discounting numbers visiting lidos as well as open water participation.”

“Laming added: “I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to start including open water swimmers in these numbers. It’s now becoming very normal to see 200 to 300 swimmers take to organised lake venues and enjoy the freedom of swimming outdoors in a safe and exciting new way. Modern wetsuits and proper venue infrastructure are feeding the huge rise in numbers we are witnessing up and down the whole of the UK.”

“Laming urged Sport England to step up in its data collection: “It’s relatively easy to gather event entry data to be included in this debate, but it would appear that lake and river swimmers are being missed-off completely.” More…

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