Is it a Sin to Swim?

Is it a sin to swim?

As the weather warms up and as the sun starts shining we face again the very British question: Is it a sin to swim?

Around the world warm weather spells pick-nicks and fun trips to the river, lake or seaside. Outdoor swimming is a major part of the summer season in all but the British Isles.

Drowning Prevention Week is running this year from June 20 to 28 to coincide with the rush of summer enthusiasm and to provide a last reminder before our youngsters break up from school. In an effort to escape the consequences of poor swimming education, the RLSS has in the past resorted to deterrents and discouragement to keep would be summer swimmers safe.

Perhaps last years video, although very powerful and wonderfully made went a little further than intended, but children do need to learn about dangers and to evaluate risks.

For example; no one would suggest that crossing the road was so dangerous that children and teenagers should never do it, or if they did cross roads, even with their parents that they were somehow crossing the line of propriety. We respect the right of children to escape from home, even alone, and enjoy their freedom, whilst at the same time we remind them that their actions have consequences.

Should the same not also apply to outdoor swimming, or in Britain, is it still a sin to swim?

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