How to Swim in the Sea Wearing only Swimming Trunks – for 45 Minutes – Without Feeling the cold

Yes it is possible to swim, even in the wintry seas of Britain without feeling the cold.

This is a trick well known to swimmers across the country when outdoor swimming enjoyed its heyday. In Leicester for example, the canal would steam during the winter with warm water flowing into it from the power station.

John Kapp found himself in the paper yesterday as bemused passers by have witnessed him regularly swimming off the coast at Shoreham this winter. Wearing only swimming trunks, he enjoys the warm seawater at what is known a Shoreham Lido. An area about the size of a football pitch warmed by the local power station to some 20C.

So how can you swim in the sea for three quarters of an hour without feeling the cold? Chose your spot wisely. More… 

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