EU Swimming Beaches get a Clean Bill of Health

EU Swimming Beaches get a Clean Bill of Health

Google News reports: The vast majority of the 22,000 swimming beaches in the EU are clean and safe, the European Environment Agency stated on Tuesday.

The 2012 report showed the water met the minimum standards required for bathing at 94 percent of all swimming beaches in the Union.

At 78 percent of the beaches, the quality of the water was found to be excellent.

Cyprus lead the way as all of its 112 swimming beaches getting the best review.

Cyprus was followed by Malta, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Finland and Spain.

On the downside, 13 percent of Belgian swimming waters failed to come up to scratch, followed by 6.5 percent in the Netherlands and 6.0 percent in Britain.

In the early 1990s, about 60 percent of EU beaches got the top rating but there has been steady improvement since then in both awareness and remedial measures, especially in terms of sewage treatment.

The full report can be consulted at:

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