Escaping the Heat in China

Daying County saltwater swimming pools in China's Sichuan province

Desperate to escape the heat, locals and tourists crowd the Daying County saltwater swimming pools in China’s Sichuan province. Temperatures hit 38c (100.4f) in the region.Picture: REX FEATURES

When the heat is on, no wonder our swimming pools, lidos, rivers, lakes and beaches become the only place to be. Despite pessimistic predictions that British summers could be a wash out for the ten years or more, the summer this year has brought outdoor swimmers well and truly out of the woodwork. As a nation we once set the pace when it came to swimming provision.

The good news is that despite a number of tragedies related to swimming during the heatwave, the press are now following ROSPA’S lead; to encourage better education and not a blanket ban on the activity.

Thanks to the efforts of the Outdoor Swimming Society and the River and Lake Swimming Association we English are returning to the sport that once defined us.

Outdoor swimming was pushed under the water in the seventies by means of the public safety film Dark and Lonely Water, but you can’t keep a good thing down.

Daniel Starts latest Wild Swimming guide sold over 600 copies last month on Amazon alone.

The British swimmer may have been hung out to dry but somehow our costumes keep getting wet!

Learn how to swim in open water:

Swim Smart (advice for Adults and Teenagers)

Swim Safe (advice for Parents and Children)

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